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If you are considering building a website for individual purposes or for a business endeavor, you’re going to need website hosting in order for people to be able to view your website on the Internet. While this seems simple enough, the decision as to what type of web server hosting you should choose can be a bit confusing, especially for somebody who’s never done it before. You’re going to have a few different options and you’ll see things such as shared hosting or virtual private server options. You’ll also see information about dedicated web hosting. The question you may have is which one is right for you.

When a Dedicated Server is the Right Call

When it comes to Web server hosting, the questions as to which option is best for your website has a great deal to do with how popular and how busy your website is going to be. Most websites will struggle to get fair amounts of traffic at first. However, if your website is expected to start out with good traffic, you may want to consider dedicated servers as opposed to shared or VPS serving plans.

The Cost

What you’ll need to understand about server hosting, especially dedicated server web hosting, is that this is going to be the more expensive option. The reason being is that you are actually renting a dedicated server. While shared or VPS hosting is less expensive, you're actually sharing a server with many other websites. Dedicated hosting plans offer you the services of your very own web server so, as you can expect, the cost is going to be a little higher.

The Benefits

While the cost can be quite a bit higher, the benefits are much greater. Dedicated servers allow you to handle a larger amount of traffic than other server options would. It offers you the freedom to install your operating system of choice as well as the programs that you prefer. Other server plans don’t give you this type of freedom.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about other websites dragging down your website's performance. On a shared server plan, if one website is experiencing trouble handling traffic or having any other technical issues, that can often means the entire server shuts down causing your website to go down as well. You can learn more about the benefits of a dedicated server here.

Many people choose more affordable plans such as shared or VPS serving options. While these are good options for websites just starting out that don’t require a great deal of performance when it comes to their web hosting, as a business grows more substantial server options are necessary. If, on the other hand, your website is looking to receive a great deal of traffic initially, you may not be able to afford to go with the cheaper option as this could lessen the quality of the function of your website. If you’re expecting a lot of traffic or you like a lot of freedom, your best option is a dedicated server. You can contact a web hosting provider to learn more about web servers and what hosting service is going to meet your needs.

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