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A lot of people may often find it challenging to collaborate with multiple people who are working on a single project such as a report. Emailing a copy of the document back and forth each time a revision is made can often become tiresome. However, google docs auto sync allows for any file to be worked on simultaneously by multiple people. Once finished, its possible to email files to dropbox. By learning more about how to use google docs auto sync, it should be possible to increase office productivity in no time at all.

The first aspect of working with google docs that is important to remember is to give all co-workers permission to access the document. If a user is not invited, it could potentially cause a delay in finishing the project. Collaborate with co-workers in advance to make sure that everyone has access to the document.
Set up the google docs program so that an original of each file is saved before editing. This can be useful if someone happens to make a mistake or delete necessary information. Forgetting to save the material before it is submitted could result in undesirable results. Take the time to have a presentation on how to use google docs if that is possible. A presentation is a good idea because it can help avoid common issues that people face when they first begin using the program. After the presentation work with the co-workers to make sure that they understand every aspect of the program, include how to email files to dropbox.
If you are unable to make the program work well on your own, it might be worthwhile to watch an online presentation on how to use it. While google docs can improve the efficiency of your workplace, it is important that you know exactly how to use the program before presenting it. Make sure that everyone using the program agrees on a common format and file type to use. This can help avoid issues caused by using different document editing programs. A great choice is 12 point times new roman font with double spaced paragraphs.

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